Online Classes

My online classes are hosted via Google Classroom. You will need a Google account to access them. If you don’t have one, it’s free to sign up!

Classes currently available:

  • Tarot Reading 101 – $15.00
    • Breaks down the elements of tarot for easier understanding. You will NOT be expected to memorize card meanings. This is an intuitive approach.
  • The Clairs Series (Each module can be purchased separately, or bundle all four for a discount.)
    • Understanding and Developing Your Clairvoyance – $10.00
    • Understanding and Developing Your Clairaudience – $10.00
    • Understanding and Developing Your Clairsentience – $10.00
    • Understanding and Developing Your Claircognizance – $10.00
  • Ascended Masters – $12.00
    • Who they are and how we can work with them.

More classes coming soon! Would love to hear your suggestions if you have them!

Procedure for booking online classes:

  1. Contact me with the class(es) you wish to enroll in. Please include your email address.
  2. I will email you an invoice via PayPal.
  3. Once your invoice is paid, I will send you the access code(s) for your class(es).

*These access codes never expire, so you can refer back to the course material at any time.

*These classes are go-at-your-own-pace, so take your time. Review the material as much as you like, whenever you like.

*There are discussion questions, and each one will be read and/or responded to, but because these classes are not in real time, responses may be delayed.