I had a dream last night that centered around me neglecting the mermaids, and that would be rude, so today is all about merfolk. Mermaids (and mermen, of course) are elemental beings belonging to the element of water. Specifically, they are salt water’s answer to the fresh water Undines. Obviously, the easiest way to connect … More Mermaids!


By request…. The aura is the energy field surrounding every living thing. In humans, it extends roughly 3 feet (or about an arm’s length) in diameter from every part of the body. Reading auras is relatively easy to do, though methods differ for everybody. I’m going to give you a general outline based on my … More Auras

Setting Boundaries

Usually, when we hear people refer to setting boundaries, they are talking about setting boundaries with or for other people. You know, don’t let people take advantage of you or use you, etc. But lately, I’ve been thinking about setting boundaries within myself. Here’s what I mean: I am, at my core, by my very … More Setting Boundaries