My 2019 Forecast

Deck: The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid

I had several things on my mind as I drew these cards. Two out of three jobs, plus finances. Let’s see what’s in store.

January- Page of Air. New ideas or theories. New focus. I feel this is in relation to the new job I’ve applied for.

February- 2 of Earth. Financial balance. Stability, but with give and take.

March- Emperor. Authority. A commanding presence. Boss/manager role. I feel this is not an aspect of myself, but rather a male in a position of authority that I will have some interaction with.

April- 7 of Earth. Striving for more when I already have enough. A call to appreciate what I already have. May be time to re-evaluate priorities if what I’m doing is no longer working for me.  (This card makes me feel like I’m trudging along but not making any real progress.)

May- Love. Choices don’t have to be either/or. Love is a shared experience. A focus on spirituality during this time.

June- Messenger of Fire. Passion and determination. Renewed creative drive.

July- Fool. The start of a new journey, high on optimism, low on preparation. (Interesting that it showed up directly after the Messenger of Fire. Could be an adventurous time of year for me!)

August- Magician. Control and manifestation. The ability to will things into being. (Again, interesting placement. Looks like summer is going to be exciting!)

September- 5 of Water. Lament. Be careful not to adopt a woe-is-me attitude. Time to re-focus. All is not lost, even if it feels like it is. Don’t be melodramatic.

October- Messenger of Water. Admiration. Heightened emotional awareness. Mature emotional responses. Could point to a romantic experience/falling in love.

November- 10 of Air. Completion of ideas. Broadcasting my thoughts to the universe. (This is likely writing related.) Time of transition.

December- Messenger of Air. Opinions formed from experience. Time to broaden my horizons and break free of conditioned responses and subconscious programming. Break old habits.

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