Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts)

Since Halloween is right around the corner, it’s time to address one of my biggest pet peeves: earthbound spirits (ES) are misunderstood!

ES are not ‘evil.’ I mean, they can be, because so can people. And an ES is the soul of a person who was once living. So, if Uncle Edgar was a creepster in life, chances are he’ll be a creepster in ES form, though that’s not always the case.

ES are the souls of those who have passed away but have not crossed over. Treat them as such. They aren’t tourist attractions (another of my pet peeves.) Imagine what it would be like for you to be stuck here on the physical plane without a physical body. Always invisible to those around you- hurting and lonely- and unable (for whatever reason) to cross over to the other side. Imagine how frustrating and isolating that would be. Existing in the physical world but having no physical power. It would drive you mad! Maybe, literally.

If you think you’re dealing with a haunting, there are two very easy (and FREE) things you can do:

  • Talk to the ES. Say something like, “You need to cross over. Go to the light.” Let them know that there is a place of unconditional love and peace that is waiting for them. Tell them all of their loved ones are there, and they are just waiting for them to come home. **I also suggesting asking Archangel Michael to help guide them home.
    • ES have autonomy. They can choose to stay or go and typically cannot be forced out. Therefore, it’s important to address them with respect and sometimes call in reinforcement like Archangel Michael.
  •  If the ES has become bothersome in any way- whether you’ve noticed an increase in nightmares, a sense of atypical melancholy, or they’re disruptive to your sleep pattern, ask your guardian angels to protect you. Simply say, “My guardian angels shield me from all things seen and unseen.” You can do this at any time. I do it myself every night before bed. It ensures I get a full night’s sleep and half the neighborhood’s spirits aren’t hitting me up for a chat at 3am.


As an added layer of protection, you can also lay out crystals or smudge with sage, though these methods are better used for preventing the entrance of ES or lower vibrational energies rather than casting out any that already reside in your home or are attached to your energy field.

**If you suspect a haunting, take note of any unusual odors. Anything that smells like rotting meat or sulfur may indicate a strong, negative presence. These instances may require a bit more ‘fire power.’



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