Music as Messages

How many of you have woken up with a song stuck in your head? Or heard a song on the radio and the lyrics are particularly relevant to whatever situation you’re going through at that time? Or heard a song on the radio that reminds you of a deceased loved one?

Music is one of spirit’s favorite ways of relaying a message or giving us a sign. One, because music is easily linked to memory (“Oh, every time I hear this song, it reminds me of….”), and two, music raises our vibration. It makes us feel good. It makes us feel centered.

When I was little, I was very close to my paternal grandmother (Gram.) Gram, even in her 70s, had a huge crush on Rod Stewart. She even had “If You Think I’m Sexy” on vinyl. If you’re familiar with Rod Stewart’s song, “Forever Young,” you know it’s about a man expressing his unconditional love and support for his child as they grow and learn life lessons. Part of my morning ritual is turning on the radio just before I hop into the shower, and wouldn’t you know, “Forever Young” is the song that was playing this morning. That was a sign from Gram to let me know she was sending me a message and to pay attention. When the song ended, it lead straight into a song I was not familiar with, but the lyrics hold significance for me- Shania Twain’s “Life’s About to Get Good.” (The title really says it all, but it’s about finding joy and love after heartbreak.)

Damn, Gram, right in the feels.

What messages have YOU received from spirit via music?


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