Brief Message from Mother Mary


I received a brief message from Mother Mary this morning that I wanted to share.

Give in kindness, not out of expectation of getting something in return. You each have a sacred heart. Your generosity lights up the world.

~Mother Mary

Mary is most widely known as a Christian icon, but outside of Christianity, she is also considered an ascended master (a soul that has lived a human life but has also achieved a high level of spiritual consciousness. This group also includes figures like Jesus, Buddha, Moses, various deities from various cultures and mythologies, and more.)

*The term “sacred heart” refers to the divine love we have for humanity. Often refers to the heart of Christ in Christianity, but Mary reminds us that we all have that pure, unconditional love inside us.

I think Mary’s message is pretty straight forward, so I don’t feel the need to elaborate, but just to reiterate: When we all give to one another, nobody has to go without.

Mary also left with me with a personal message of “Heal thyself,” as she placed her palm to my heart chakra. Looks like I’ve got some work to do today!



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