I had a dream last night that centered around me neglecting the mermaids, and that would be rude, so today is all about merfolk.

Mermaids (and mermen, of course) are elemental beings belonging to the element of water. Specifically, they are salt water’s answer to the fresh water Undines. Obviously, the easiest way to connect with mermaid energy is go visit the ocean, but luckily, since energy is limitless, you can invoke mermaid energy anywhere at any time.

These days, mermaids are extremely popular/trendy. There isn’t much of any type of product on the market that hasn’t somehow been altered or decorated or stylized to complement our love of mermaids. Clothing, jewelry, home decor, you name it. And it’s not really surprising that they’ve become so popular lately. I believe this is the subconscious’s way of reminding us that we are living in a time when love and harmony are needed most, and that mermaid energy will find whichever way it can to infiltrate our day-to-day existence.

Spirit says:

Mermaid energy is comprised of LOVE and MUSICALITY. Call upon mermaid energy when your life requires harmony. The soothing, gentle spirit moves us to be free. Free of strife, free of judgment, and free of expectations. Mermaid energy is about living for the moment, the now. Embrace what you have, and yet, give it away freely. This echoes the ebb and flow of the ocean. It is all reflective, and nothing is permanent.

Some of you may feel a particularly special connection to mermaid energy, and it is possible that you are actually a mermaid incarnated in a human body. As elemental beings, mermaids are conscientious of the earth’s health and well being, specifically that of our oceans. Mermaids have a loving, gentle way about them. They tend to be good-natured and playful, and their emotional balance can be upset when confronted with harsh or abrasive people and/or situations.


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