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The aura is the energy field surrounding every living thing. In humans, it extends roughly 3 feet (or about an arm’s length) in diameter from every part of the body.

Reading auras is relatively easy to do, though methods differ for everybody. I’m going to give you a general outline based on my personal experience, but keep in mind that your experiences may be different.

The colors seen in our auras are external representations of our chakras (our energy centers). As each chakra has an assigned color and function, our aura colors reflect the state of those chakras at any given moment in time. The color association and functionality of each chakra is depicted in the first graphic below. Under that, you’ll find the colors and associations of the aura colors. *Note that the relationship between chakra colors and aura colors are NOT exact correlations, but these can give you a starting point if you’re a beginner.


Keep in mind that the shade of each color can add insight to your reading. For instance, a bright, sunshiny yellow indicates joy and contentment in the individual, however, a dull or pale yellow can indicate physical illness or insecurity. This is where the shades or tinges of gray, black, and/or brown come in. How you read this will depend largely on your intuition and how it makes you feel when you see it. *Also note that for some people the qualities associated with the colors may vary slightly based on individual experience. For instance, I know of someone who associates purple with finances. You may discover your own associations along the way that do not adhere to the “traditional” associations, and that’s okay! Trust what your intuition tells you.

As for actually conducting an aura reading, the methods vary between individuals. It’s rare that anyone sees an aura with the naked human eye, because our biology operates at a lower vibrational frequency than the soul. So, when we say we “see” a person’s aura, what we really mean is that we are seeing it clairvoyantly in the mind’s eye or we are intuiting it in another way via our other psychic abilities.

Some ways you might “see” an aura:

  • visualizing the colors of the energy field around the body
  • seeing the color itself in the mind’s eye
  • seeing or hearing the name of the color via clairvoyance or clairaudience
  • “feeling” or otherwise intuiting the color(s)

In my personal experience, I usually either see the color itself in my mind’s eye or see the word “green” or “purple, ” etc. And then by clairsentience, I can feel the subtleties of the color and know whether that chakra is blocked or murky, etc. Your experiences may be vastly different.

The colors can also appear more pronounced around specific body parts as well. For instance, as I said, a pale or dull yellow can indicate illness in an individual, so seeing a dull or pale yellow emanating from a specific area on the body would indicate an illness or injury to that part of the body.

So, if you want to read an aura, here are some tips and tricks to try:

  1. Relax. Gaze upon the person or animal or plant you want to read, but don’t stare. The more you strain to see something, the more stress you cause yourself. Relax and let it come to you. So, keep your gaze soft.
  2. Instead of looking at the person straight on, try turning away and using your peripheral vision.
  3. Keep your other senses open. If your clairsentience is your primary clair, you may “feel” a certain color rather than visualizing it. Don’t limit yourself to only your vision or your clairvoyance.
  4. Let go of any and all expectations. Your experiences will differ from others’ and it may or may not come immediately. Practice may be required.
  5. It may be easier to practice near water, as water is a natural energy conductor. It may make your receptivity smoother.
  6. Practice with intent. If you don’t see or sense anything, ask your higher self to show you what you want to see. Or call upon your guides and/or angels for assistance.

You may see all the colors in the aura, or you may only see the ones that are more prominent. Still, you may only see the ones that need to be cleared. Again, keep in mind that the information above is meant as a guideline. Individual experiences will vary.

Happy reading!


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