Guardian Angels

Working with angels is one of my favorite aspects of being a spiritualist, whether it’s Archangels, guardian angels, or fairies (nature’s angels.) This post focuses on guardian angels because I think there are a lot of misconceptions about who guardian angels are and what they do.



Guardian angels are, of course, guardians. They are our protectors. They are also our moral support. Guardian angels are different from Archangels. (Archangels are higher in the celestial hierarchy, but can also be called upon at any time by any one for assistance.) Everybody has at least one, but usually two or three guardian angels. This number can fluctuate throughout our lifetime, and the role of the primary guardian angel can shift as well. You may feel the presence or energy of one angel more than another depending on what you’re going through in your life at any given time.

Most people associate guardian angels with surviving potentially tragic situations, but our guardian angels are ALWAYS with us, and they help us in a multitude of ways on a daily basis. Yes, they can intervene in life-threatening situations, but they also assist is more mundane ways as well. For instance, I recently went on a trip and was going to be sleeping on an air mattress. My first evening there, I received the message that I should not sleep on the air mattress. With no explanation for that, I’ll admit I put it out of my mind, because I thought it was an odd thing to “warn” me about. Sure enough, after having gone to bed, I awoke roughly two hours later to find that my air mattress has a leak, and I was lying on the hard floor from my mid-back down to my hips. This was physically stressful for me because I’ve suffered from hip issues in the past, and lying on the hard floor was aggravating my hip (and spinal alignment.) Should have heeded my angel’s warning! (I ended up sleeping on the couch the remainder of the trip.)

Our guardian angels will often show us signs of their presence and support. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • feathers in odd or unexpected places
  • coins in odd or unexpected places
  • suddenly having a song stuck in your head (pay attention to lyrics)
  • sudden feeling of warmth
  • slight pressure around upper body, as though someone is hugging you
  • ringing in your ear

Ringing in your ear is a very common sign of angel communication. Our human ears can’t hear that frequency, so when I get ringing in my ears I have to stop and ask the angels to relay their message in a different way. Then the message will come in a clairvoyant or claircognizant manner.



Our angels LOVE to be invited into our space. I mean, they’re there anyway, but make them feel welcome. Talk to them. Ask them for guidance or protection. Ask them to show you a sign or to give you a message. Be aware that guardian angels will not interfere in life lessons/experiences without express permission (free will and all that.) So, if you’re experiencing a difficult situation and you want your angels’ help, you MUST ask for it.

A good, all-purpose prayer to use is, “Guardian angels, please shield me from all things seen and unseen.” This covers both physical and energetic ‘threats.’ Your wording never has to be formal, and you can use whatever verbage you are comfortable with.  It also doesn’t need to be said out loud; just think the words. This one works for me, and I use it every night before bed to ensure a peaceful night’s rest. (Those of you who are sensitive know that whenever our guard is down is when all the spirits in the neighborhood come calling!) I also like to call them to me when traveling, but, again, we can call to them at any time for any reason. Sometimes it’s nice just to know that we have someone on our side supporting us on our journey.

Okay, how many of you think this? I know I’ve had my moments! 

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