Elementals, Part 2- Gnomes

Gnomes! I love gnomes! I’m an earth sign (Virgo), so it only stands to reason I’d have an affinity for the little guys and gals who serve as stewards of the earth.

Gnomes are earth elementals who primarily live underground or in caves and mine crystals and minerals. Gnomes are also a wonderful elemental to work with when attempting to manifest anything, because they can bring great abundance. As I mentioned in my previous post regarding the fairies, gnomes appreciate gifts and favors in return for their assistance. Be good to your land, and the gnomes there will be good to you.

Gnomes are distressed by anything that disturbs the earth’s structure or integrity (i.e. strip mining, fracking, etc.)

Places those garden gnome statues in your garden or around your property as an acknowledgement of all the hard work that the gnomes do and to welcome them to work with you.



I have one of these guys on my front porch.



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