Elementals, Part 1- Fairies

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook, you will have noticed that I have now been a certified Fairyologist (yes, that’s a real thing. I have a certificate and everything!) for a little over a year now. Lately, I’ve been drawn to work more closely with nature spirits, probably more so now because the spring time weather is allowing me to be outside more often. I’ve had some interest from folks on taking the class I developed on elemental beings that I have not yet had the opportunity to teach. It’s really an overabundance of information, so I’ve decided instead to break it down into multiple blog posts for easier consumption. Please feel free to comment with any questions you may have on any of the upcoming material.


Elemental beings, or elementals, govern their respective elements. Meaning, there are earth elementals, water elementals, fire elementals, and air elementals. Their role is to protect and heal the environment.

“Elementals are not spirits, because they have flesh, blood, and bones; they live and propagate offspring; they eat and talk, act and sleep, and consequently they cannot be properly called ‘spirits.'”


(If you want to know more about Paracelsus and his work concerning elementals, I suggest Google.)

Because elementals are not spirits, they have egos. They are generally kind and loving, and more than willing to help us when asked, however usually in exchange for something they like/want/need. Most often, they will request that we repay their kindnesses with chores such as picking up litter or anything else that aids the environment.

Undoubtedly, the most well known group of elemental beings is that of the fairies/faeries/fae. Fairies are guardian angels of nature, and are of the element of earth. (Side note: other earth elementals include gnomes, elves, and brownies. These will likely be covered in future posts.) They tend to and heal plant life as well as protect the animal kingdom. If you have pets in your home, you are guaranteed to have fairies as well, since they serve as animals’ guardian angels.


Fairies are excellent healers, so call on them to assist in physical or spiritual healing. They are also excellent at helping us manifest our desires. Remember to leave a gift for them such as a piece of fruit or candy. Fairies love sweet things! If you leave fruit, make sure it’s organic (herbicide and pesticide free), and if you leave candy, try something naturally sweetened without a lot of chemical additives (cacao nibs are great!) Or, of course, you can choose to do something in exchange, such as pick up litter.

You can attract fairies to your home by planting flowers. Avoid herbicides and pesticides, and don’t over-manicure your lawn. The more wild and natural the environment, the more likely fairies are to inhabit the area.

Many people who work with the fairies will suddenly find a circle of mushrooms in their yard. This is known as a fairy ring, and the fairies are known to take shelter under the mushroom caps during inclement weather. The insides of fairy rings are said to be gathering places for fairy celebrations!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of the fairies. There are many facets to fairy culture and history that I will not go into here, as it can become quite in-depth and complicated, but I hope you find yourself working with fairies and discovering for yourself all the things they can teach us!


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