The Spiritual Path to Healing a Broken Heart

A broken heart is something we are all likely to experience in one form or another during our stint(s) here on the earthly plane. With guidance and support from spirit, we can heal the damage and learn from these experiences. I hope the following spiritually guided advice leads you to healing.

  • Do not feel obligated to conform to anyone else’s ideal for healing.
    • Many will have your best interest at heart while others may give advice based on their own experience. Each soul’s journey is unique, and your path to healing will be unique as well.
  • Appreciate the good times, but don’t let them negate the bad times.
    • It’s good to reflect on what made you love someone in the first place, but a person’s good qualities do not make up for any wrong doing. Otherwise, you invite more toxic behavior.
  • Forgive, but do not forget.
    • Let negative feelings go, but do not forget what led you to your current situation lest you repeat mistakes.
  • Accept humans as flawed creatures.
    • Nobody is perfect, you included. Mistakes are guaranteed.
  • Avoid focusing on blame.
    • It may provide temporary satisfaction to point the finger and place blame squarely on someone else’s shoulders, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t resolve anything, it only feeds the cycle of negativity.
  • Make a conscious effort toward healing.
    • You have to WANT this. Or you can wallow. Please, don’t wallow.
  • Acknowledge your feelings- both positive and negative.
    • You feel however you feel, and that is perfectly acceptable.
  • Channel excess energy into creative endeavors and/or physical pursuits.
    • Excess energy needs an outlet. Indulge a hobby.
    • Whether communicating verbally (venting if need be) or journaling, be honest but not intentionally hurtful to any party involved, yourself included!
  • Don’t force yourself to feel or behave in any way that isn’t aligned with your authentic self.
    • Don’t “fake it until you make it,” or indulge in destructive behavior. These only mask your true self and hinder the healing process.
  • PRAY.
    • Talk to God, source, angels, ascended masters, your higher self, etc. Whatever your spiritual belief system, speak with those beings of light to help guide you.

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