Message from the sylphs

Sylphs are the fairies who govern the element of air. All of the elementals (fairies, mermaids, dragons, etc.) are environmentalists. The sylphs informed me that they are working overtime to purify the environment as best they can. This job is getting more and more difficult for them as we are no longer required to help (though we should all be doing our part) due to the sudden decrease in environmental regulations.

Today I braved the windy weather to sit on my front porch and commune with the sylphs, and here is the message they gave me:

  • Drink less from non-reusable/non-recycled plastic containers.
  • Plant sunflowers to purify your environment and personal space.
  • Trade in your gas guzzler vehicles for economy or compact cars.
  • Do not tie yourselves to the earth’s resources. (In other words, the more heavily we depend on our natural resources, and the less we invest in replenishing them, the sooner they will deplete. We should be investigating and investing in alternate forms of energy and renewable resources.)

None of these pleas are new, however, the elementals obviously feel they bear repeating. So, as they say, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!


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