Why Psychic Mediums Ask Questions

Not that long ago I came across an article that was basically a how-to on spotting fraudulent psychics. (I can’t remember where I saw the article or who the author was.) One of the items listed was that “they ask questions rather than telling you the information.” Basically, the author alleged that a real psychic should be able to just tell you facts rather than asking you, the client, to fill in any blanks. I believe this view stems from a general lack of understanding of how intuitive abilities work. And, now I’m going to tell you why this is misguided.

Psychic mediums will often ask questions during a session for several reasons, including:

  • They seek context.
    • As in, I’m receiving some bit of information, but I don’t know how it applies to you or this reading. Maybe it doesn’t apply to you, specifically, at all. Maybe it applies to someone close to you like a friend or family member. Spirit communication can be fuzzy. Sometimes it’s like being on an LTE network and sometimes it’s like having one bar of service that keeps cutting in and out on a 1x network.
  • Interpretation.
    • Most often, in cases of clairvoyance, images or scenes can be interpreted as being literal or figurative. As in, I’m seeing you with a dog, but I’m not sure if you actually own or will own a dog, or if this dog represents friendship/loyalty or any other number of things a dog can symbolize if it is a spirit animal.
  • To facilitate healing.
    • Psychic readings are meant to be a two-way street. For example, I can sit here and tell you what is wrong and how to fix it, but you must be willing to engage. Attempt to understand why certain behaviors persist, so that you can endeavor to fix the root of the problem now and in future situations. Otherwise, healing won’t occur and you’ve wasted both your time and mine. This always requires conversation of some kind. Be an active participant.

Psychics are human too, and there is always room for human error. We’re learning more and more about our abilities every day, and so there is a learning curve in the process. (Nobody is perfect, and any psychic who claims 100% accuracy is, in my estimation, undoubtedly a fraud.)

While I certainly don’t dispute that con artists exist in the spiritual sector, I believe that they are fewer in number than folks are led to believe. I believe that most have their clients’ best interests are heart and are genuinely trying to help people. Obviously, use your own intuition when selecting a psychic medium or any other spiritualist, and choose someone who resonates with you. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone, don’t waste your time or money.


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