Full (Wolf) Moon and Friday the 13th Energy Combo

When I first began to meditate on the combination of energies from the full moon and Friday the 13th, the first image that came to mind was The Tower card from tarot. The Tower represents any kind of drastic change, for better or for worse.

the-towerThe Tower from the Crystal Visions tarot deck.

As I delved for a deeper explanation, White Tara spoke:

“Chaotic energy abounds. Take time for self care. Be gentle with yourself, and do not speak against others. Cocoon to promote healing. People are motivated by fear and misunderstanding of this energy. It is not negative or ‘bad luck.’ It simply compounds what is already in place.”

For those who don’t know, White Tara is one of the 21 aspects of Tara, a boddhisattva of Tibetan Buddhism. White Tara is the aspect that promotes healing and compassion.

whitetarawith16lotuses_web-800x800White Tara.

Seeking more still, the Celtic goddess Dana spoke next:

“It’s like cooking. Combine the elements you need to make what you desire. You are not at its mercy- you can control the outcome.”


I also want to note, that as I focused on the number 13, the words “love” and “clarity” came to me. Upon further investigation, I found that according to Doreen Virtue’s angel numbers, 13 signifies that female ascended masters are assisting you in staying positive. So, I find it quite fitting that White Tara and Dana, two of the female ascended masters, were those who wished to speak to me today.

Do not think of today as a bad day. Think of it as a day when you have everything you need to manifest what you want. You just have to put a little effort into this DIY project.


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