Green Tara


Green Tara is one of the 21 major aspects of Tara, a bodhisattva of Tibetan Buddhism. Tara is known as the “mother of liberation” and represents success and achievements in work. The Green Tara aspect specifically relates to enlightenment and can help with developing intuitive abilities and spiritual work.

I suddenly woke from a deep sleep a few nights ago with a strong tingling sensation in my third eye and the vision of a large (think Incredible Hulk) green hand reaching in and manipulating the energy of that chakra. It startled me so that I yelled “No!” as I closed myself off. It wasn’t until meditating later that I realized it was Green Tara and she was only helping to clear what she referred to as “brown soup” from my third eye. Here’s what she had to say about it:

 You asked for my help. You don’t remember because it was not your conscious mind that communicated the thought. My hand appeared large to you because of the amount of power needed to clear you. I can help you to recognize the true scope of your abilities. You limit yourself much with negative self-talk. I can continue to work on you should you wish.

Apparently, the ‘brown soup’ I mentioned is the by-product of self doubt and negative self-talk. I am my own worst critic, after all. 😉

Green Tara is an ascended master and can be called upon at any time. Call upon her yourself any time you wish to enhance your own intuitive abilities or if you are seeking enlightenment.


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