New Year Message from Ganesh

2017 is nearly upon us, and as I was contemplating doing a New Year tarot spread to look at the year ahead, Ganesh informed me of a message he wanted to share. So here it is….

Prepare yourselves to forge ahead with new ideas. Now will be the time to put all your proper planning into action! 2017 will bring some lows, just as any space of time can, but the beginnings will be bright enough to outshine. Make sure you journal every day. That which you write down you give power to. It now has permanence. Use that to your advantage. I am not known as the “Remover of Obstacles” because I will cause all your hardships to dissipate. I can, though, show you the obstacle you are facing in a manner that allows you to tackle it with a new perspective. A way that lets you see that it truly is solvable! The work is done by you. I am merely here to enlighten you. These problems will be inconsequential to you. The blessings abound, and I have many gifts for you. Accept these gifts with open arms and open hearts. 

Many blessings, 




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