Moon Energy Meditation


I’ve been guided for a couple of years now to work with moon energy. I didn’t really understand how I was supposed to do that, since I was taking it far too literally. Working with moon energy does not mean sitting under the light of the full moon and performing some sort of ritual (although, you could if you wanted to!) Moon energy is all about self-reflection. Think about how the moon reflects starlight in order to provide illumination. We can apply that concept to ourselves to help heal past traumas.

For the following meditation, we will call in Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, and birthing. Diana is also an ascended master, and as such, acts to aid us in our spiritual growth.

Meditation: (You can read it in its entirety before proceeding, or you can record yourself speaking it and do the meditation as you play it back.)

Breathe deeply. We visualize ourselves surrounded and protected by pure, white light. We feel completely safe and relaxed. We ask that our guardian angels also shield us at this time. Again, we feel completely safe and relaxed. Continue to breathe deeply.

We visualize a bright, full, super moon above us. It too surrounds us in its light.

At this time we ask that ascended master Diana, Roman goddess of the moon, come forth and join us. Diana, we ask that you lovingly guide us in our self-reflection and direct us to a time in our past that needs healing. Diana, we ask that you aid us on our journey and ensure that what we experience now is for our highest good.

At this time, make note of any images you see, words you hear, or feelings you encounter. This meditation may take you back to your recent past, your distant past (your childhood), or even to a past life. Be open to whatever information comes to you. Write it down as you go, so that you may reflect on it later.

I have done this meditation myself with pretty astounding results. I was transported back to a time in my childhood that affected me far more than I had realized. And now that I understand the situation, I can now better understand my adult self and work toward healing. I hope you all have the same success.

*Please note: The above meditation is of my own design with Diana’s help. Please do not reproduce without permission.


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