Food for Healing

Today I was guided by Archangel Raphael to share this information. If you are wary of modern pharmaceuticals, these foods may help you. *Please note, the following is not intended as medical advice. Please see your medical provider for health care.

Food for Healing

As told to me by Archangel Raphael and supported by various studies.

Headache/Migraines– green apple with skin

Studies have shown that just the smell alone can ease pain. Apples are alkaline and help balance acidity in the body. Green apple seems to be the most recommended, but the variety was not specified to me by Raphael. 

UTI– blueberries

For prevention: compounds called proanthocyanidins prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. Vitamin C inhibits bacterial growth. Good alternative to cranberry juice. Blueberry juice can be used, but beware of the concentrated sugar content! Whole fruit is best to reap the full benefits. Blueberries are also known to contain antioxidants. 

Joint pain– white radish (daikon)

Digestive aid, anticarcinogenic, and diuretic for flushing toxins.

Kidneys– tomato

Diuretic (not a good option if you’ve been diagnosed with renal disease, as it’s high in potassium). It is a good option for the occasional kidney stone or to prevent infection.

Muscle spasm– tuna

Protein to build muscle, potassium and magnesium to promote muscle relaxation. (Note: bananas are often recommended for this reason, however, if you’re diabetic or trying to lose weight, bananas can backfire as they are starchy and contain a high amount of carbohydrates.)

Menstrual cramps– strawberries and bananas (together) 

This was actually communicated to me as “bubble gum,” but bubble gum flavoring is a combination of strawberry and banana flavoring. Obviously, artificial flavoring is not recommended, so…

Bananas have vitamin B6 and potassium. Strawberries have vitamin C and can help satisfy a sweet tooth with natural sugar (rather than processed), plus they are a low carb fruit. Bananas are starchy, so watch your intake.



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