What Mediumship is Really Like

Sometimes communicating with spirits is like having a crystal clear connection on an LTE network, and sometimes it’s like diving head first into a pool of random words, images, and feelings that you have to piece together like the world’s most difficult jigsaw puzzle.

Recently, my best friend’s aunt passed away, and last night, while I was getting ready for bed, she decided to pay me a visit. (Note: best friend lives a couple hundred miles away, and I’ve never met this particular family member.) I’ll forego all the details of the interaction, because there’s one specific part that will illustrate my point perfectly. She showed me what appeared to be a guinea pig and I heard the name “Pepper.” So, I asked my friend.

Me: “Did someone have a guinea pig named Pepper?”

Friend: “She had a rat named Pippin.”

Me: “Close enough.”

I was in the right arena, I just had the details wrong. As my friend went on to tell me, her aunt loved that little rat and spoiled him rotten. Makes sense that she would show him to me as a guinea pig (as an elevated status), I just didn’t get the symbolism at the time.

Something similar happened a couple of weeks ago as well. I was describing a piece of jewelry to a client, and although I had the general, overall design (it looked like a flower) correct, the details of the petals appeared different to me. It was enough that it made sense to the client, so the information was still verifiable.

All that being said, there have been other times when I’ve been able to give complete names, dates, and other details that are absolutely irrefutable. I’m not sure why the connection is clearer in some circumstances and not others. It could be the strength of the spirit I’m commuting with, or it could be something different within me at the time (certain foods and beverages can have an adverse affect on my abilities- I’m still experimenting.)

So, sometimes mediumship is realism and sometimes it’s impressionism. (Hey, look, I finally used that Art History degree for something.)



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