What You Get from Your Psychic Reading

Readings with a psychic medium entail so much more than just a glimpse into your future. Readings are designed to bring clarity, reassurance, guidance, and healing to you, the client. Each psychic conducts readings in a different fashion- whatever works/feels best for them, but no matter the means, the ending should always strive to be the same. (Side note: if your psychic does not provide you with the items listed above- guidance, healing, etc. please stop seeing them. Readings should never provide harm or a sense of distrust.)

My readings generally start with an aura reading. This allows me to tap into your energy field so I can get a feel for what kind of person you are. Generally speaking, our auras contain nearly all colors on the spectrum to some degree. What tells me the most about you, is what colors stand out the most. I may see green, indicating that you are a compassionate, heart-led person. I may see blue, which tells me that you tend to lead with or make decisions based on your emotions. These are just examples, and some colors may have multiple meanings depending on the combination or context or the shade of the color. (Side note: aura colors have generally accepted indications, however, depending on the psychic, specific colors may have personal significance and can vary based on life experience.)

Next, I typically ask the client if they have any specific questions/concerns they’d like me to focus on. If not, I might start with a past/present/future tarot spread in order to get some direction. This allows us to discover what it is that spirit wishes the client to be aware of or work on. From that point, we can choose which direction we wish the reading to go. Do we discuss relationships, career, family, or life purpose? This also usually gives the client a chance to bring up any questions they didn’t know they wanted to ask, so that we can delve a little deeper into the subject.

Technically speaking, psychic abilities and mediumship are two separate methods of spirit communication. However, I do not believe that the two are mutually exclusive, and I combine these methods when performing my readings. Meaning, I may receive information from my higher self, YOUR higher self, my guides and angels, YOUR guides and angels, the archangels, deceased loved ones, my ancestors, YOUR ancestors, ascended masters, elemental beings such as fairies, mermaids, dragons, etc., and any other being of light that is working with either you or me in this lifetime. And I may receive that information via clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, etc.

So you see, psychic readings are not just about predicting your future. We delve into your past (including past lives), your present, your goals, and your soul path. It’s about providing you with guidance and healing. It’s spiritual life coaching. And this is why, as a psychic, the readings can be a little overwhelming at times. There’s a lot of energy and information to sort through, interpret, and apply. (Please keep that in mind the next time you’re tempted to ask for “just a quick reading.”) So you see, it’s so much more!


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